Overnight Courier Services


Overnight Courier Services

X-Cellent Courier Services is a specialized delivery service for documents, packages and other sensitive materials – a service which is crucial for the operation of most businesses as well as for personal needs. We offer a service which is different to regular mail delivery services, because not only do we provide features like security, tracking, and proof of delivery, but increased speed and confidentiality as well. You can count on X-Cellent Courier Services for reliable delivery of sensitive documents and packages anywhere in South Africa.


X-Cellent Courier Services offers a full range of overnight deliveries nationwide with a compliment of 9 main centres that help to maintain fast and efficient deliveries. Our deliveries are all done “door to door” with proof of deliveries for all items. There are certain areas that can take up to 2 days to deliver but with constant growth and efficiency X-Cellent Courier Services are adding more and more areas to the list of places delivered the next day…


A courier company's reputation can be benchmarked in part by its ability to provide reliable, comprehensive courier services. We offer a wide range of services and take into account the customers’ personal requirements and needs, giving tailor-made solutions with an “x-tra personal touch”. 


Call X-Cellent Courier Services for area delivery times and any further information required. Alternatively, complete the quote form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to with a quote.